Well, we are aware of how impactful mobile phones are for this current era. And websites were
and still are considered as a new gateway that allows customers to have better access to your
brand, it’s products and the other services with the comfort of being at home or office. So as the
small screen trend is quite popular and smartphones are the new key to success. There is no
doubt about the fact that mobile is here to stay and that business in terms to grow and expand
further need to begin thinking about the comfort and the possibilities of mobile users. And
we know that a responsive site makes mobile browsing simpler, but the main question that arises
here is that why mobile optimization is a must and most important thing for your business?
We here bring you 7 reasons to justify the need to have a mobile optimized web browser-

1) Everyone’s on mobile-
These days the whole world has gone mobile. So it’s like get in the mobile game or you
lose. Everything and everyone is on phone these days. Today 1.2 billion people are
accessing the web via mobile and almost 80% of all internet users have a smartphone.
So if you don’t have a mobile optimized website then you are surely missing out

2) Right here, right now-
People in need of something, don’t really like to wait. Smartphone being their companion
comes at the rescue for the same. If they can’t reach you through their mobile phones and
fails to find your business information and your brand on time, and your business
website is not optimized accordingly then you are surely going to lose some big sale.

3) Google favors mobile responsiveness-
Nowadays Google gives preferences to the sites which are mobile optimized in its SERP
rankings. And since this year mobile responsiveness has turned out to become
mandatory to get Google preference and to acquire organic traffic. With Google’s major
algorithm update, the company enacted penalties for websites failing to meet mobile
optimization standards. Have a mobile-friendly site if you want to bag some organic
traffic and want to stay in long run.

4) Mobile have Social media referrals-
According to a research ratio, 91% of mobile internet access is used for social media
activities. Social media platforms are growing and evolving with each passing day,
making mobile devices as their primary hub. If your business uses any social media
marketing strategies then there is a maximum chance that the incoming traffic is
accessing your site via mobile devices. And an unresponsive and not so user-friendly
site may undo your content marketing and paid advertisement efforts and money. If you
want to take advantage of your social audience then you need to have a site which is
designed to catch the social browsing click through.

5) Your competition has one-
Mobile websites have been a part of the ranking race since a very long time. And your
competitor does surely have a mobile optimized site even if you don’t have one. That
certainly makes them top the search list and also to bag your customer and your clients
as well, as the people would definitely go for the site which is user-friendly and is
optimized accordingly.

6) Mobile users switch screens-
According to a survey, it is said that 90% of people switch their screen to accomplish
their needs and goals. That means if a person is having a conversation via desktop, then
there is a maximum chance that the user will engage with your site via mobile at some
the point during the sales process.

7) Mobile advertising is still underrated –
As mobile does offer an incredible opportunity for brand differentiation, it also offers a
great opportunity in advertising returns as well. According to a survey Americans spend
24% of their time on mobile, yet there is only 8% of ad spending goes towards mobile
advertising. That clearly states $25 Billion opportunity gap. Current time is the prime time
to invest in mobile advertising and for that, you need to have a responsive and user-friendly website.

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