40 Logo Fonts Every Designer Should Know About

40 Logo Fonts Every Designer Should Know About

Believe it or not, the logo fonts can either make or break your freshly-created logo design. Do you want to know why? Using the proper topography in the logo can aid you in expressing your brand’s background and enhance its overall impact. However, the wrong and mismatching font would do exactly the opposite of that. Due to this reason, you need to be very careful while choosing a font for your brand’s logo.
Nevertheless, if you are a logo designer, then you probably already know how many different fonts are currently available on the web. Hence, choosing one among them can, indeed, be quite challenging for you. Thus, to help you with it, here, we have provided a listicle of some of the logo fonts that can be ideal for any logo design. Feel excited yet? Then, let’s just jump right into it.

Here are 40 logo fonts you should know:


When talking about the unique fonts for logo design, the first name that comes to the mind is Helvetica. This particular font is especially famous among the designers due to its simplified design with some quirky touches. One of the most notable users of Helvetica is the social media sensation, Facebook.

2. Bodoni

Designed in the 18th century by Giambattista Bodoni, the evergreen Bodoni font offers a beautiful contrast between the thick and thin strokes. Since its inception, it has appeared in the logos of several brands and still is famous among some popular organizations, such as Vogue and Calvin Klein.

3. Century

DesignViva Logo Design

Unlike the previous two fonts, Century comes with a bit of professional flair. The words in this font are somewhat bolder and maintain a crispy distance between each other. Due to its versatility and legible design, Century is mainly popular among the corporate logo designers.


Like Century, Garamond is, too, quite famous in the corporate settings due to its overall simple yet bold design. The right amount of spacing and the slight yet prominent heavier lines of this font make it quite easy to read.

5. Brandon Grotesque

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Emanated in Germany, the Brandon Grotesque font features several different weights, including bold, thin, medium, regular, light, etc. Furthermore, it also has a separate italic version of each of the weights, which makes the words look even more engaging.

6. Futura

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Futura uses various geometric shapes as its core design. The letters of this font feature a little bit of incongruity in its strokes, which makes them look both elegant and straight-forward. You can find the traces of Futura in various pop culture logo designs, such as in the cover of an album of Prince.

7. Myriad

Logo Design

The letters of the Myriad family feature a thick and extended width with a wide range of weights. Furthermore, the excellently-drawn letter proportions and their clean shapes improve the readability of the font design even more. Due to these reasons, this particular font is considered to be an excellent choice for digital marketing brands.


Business Card Design

Widely known as one of the best fonts for newspapers, Georgia offers an intelligent amalgamation of simplicity and serene beauty. It comes with four different style variants, namely bold, regular, italic, and bold italic. Furthermore, due to its straightforward design, it is quite readable in a low screen resolution.

9. Flix

Logo Design

Due to its bold outlines and creative yet casual design, the Flix font suits perfectly for the logo design of the digital marketing organizations. Furthermore, the font also comes with two different styles (outline and regular), which makes it quite versatile.


Logo Design

A perfect example of the modern fonts, Gilroy comes with 20 different weights and features an all-caps style. Furthermore, it is also compatible with different languages other than English. So, if you are designing a logo for a foreign brand, then you can definitely opt for this one.

11. Pier

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Pier is a type of customizable off-geometric font. Hence, as you can understand, you can easily resize its letters or reshape its design as per your wish. The typeface features typical low curves and straight-cut lines, which makes it highly readable even in the screens with a low resolution.

12.One Day

Business Card

Like Gilroy, One Day is yet another all-caps typeface, which amalgamates the rounded design with slim and broken lines. This makes it uncannily versatile and makes it an effective font for digital media, prints, and, last but not the least, logo design.


T-shirt design

Sharp contrast and bold serifs are two of the main factors that make this font absolutely perfect for display purposes. Widely considered as highly sensual, quite indulgent, and a little bit over-the-top, this typeface is perfect for digital marketing organisations.

14.Hickory Jack

Logo DesignViva

With its exquisite design and highly-readable loops, the Hickory Jack typeface can offer a chilling vibe to your brand’s logo. The font also comes with two different styles and is absolutely free-of-cost.


Logo and Business Card

Just as its name suggests, Geotica has been created solely based on several geometric forms. The typeface features 16 different styles that can cover more than 600 glyphs. Hence, if you want to, then you can use this font for almost any type of logo design.


Business Card Font

Like any other all-caps typeface, Ailerons, too, offers clean yet crispy letterforms that are quite easy-to-read. However, the factor, which makes it different than the others, is the touch of modernism it comes with. Due to this reason, Ailerons is mainly used in logos of travel websites or agencies.

17.Lily of the Valley

Logo Designviva

Originated in 2017, the Lily of the Valley typeface comes with fancy letterforms with an enticing design. It might seem a little bit straightforward but the quirky appearance of the letters can surely help you to describe the story of your brand through its logo.

18. Munich

Logo & social media pack

An uppercase font with a minimalistic design, Munich can add a touch of charm and magic to your logo design. Furthermore, the Z and Q of this typeface come with their own unique outlook. Hence, if your brand name contains any of these letters, then make sure to opt for the Munich font.

19. Variane Script

Variane Script is a type of handwritten typeface that mixes the cursive writing style with a touch of cleanliness. Unlike other cursive fonts, this one remains quite understandable, even with its curves, while offering an elegant and energetic feel.

20. Cookie

Logo & social media pack

A simple and legible typeface, Cookie takes its inspirations from the 50’s colourful​ advertisements. Although it follows the same cursive style, but it still is quite simple and eye-catching. So, if you trying to tell your brand’s story through its logo, then, using the Cookie font should be ideal for you.

21. Arciform

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The Arciform font belongs to the sans-serif family and features rounded letterforms. The curves of the letters of this typeface are quite elegant and offer a pure sense of subtlety whilst keeping things simple and uncomplicated.

22. Southern Script

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As you can understand from its name, Southern is a script font with a special handwritten design. The unique flowing appearance of the font makes it a brilliant choice for the logo designs apparel and fashion brands.

23. Beckman


Beckman, like any other modernist font, features a unique yet elegant set of styles. The clean and minimalistic approach of the font makes it quite useful for making signature logos. Furthermore, it also comes with six distinct styles that can help you to customize your logo in several ways.

24. Orkney

Logo & social media pack

Orkney is probably one of the most minimalistic fonts in this list. The letterforms of the typeface feature a thin structure. However, they, still, look quite effective and prominent. However, if you want to, then you can change its style completely by using the four different weights.

25. Gamine

Logo & business card

Gamine is an exquisite font, which is perfect for both personal as well as commercial usage. It comes with both lowercase and uppercase letters. Furthermore, it also features a set of ligatures and alternate characters. So, you can customise your logo with it in as many ways as you want.

26. Boomerang

Website design

Unlike most other typefaces in this listicle, Boomerang comes with a funky design that you just cannot resist. Like Gamine, this one, too, comes with both lowercase letters and uppercase letters. However, the thing that makes it different from the others is the additional symbols and features that come with the whole package. This font can provide an exceptional end-result for the alcohol or fashion brands.

27. Didot

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Created in the year of 1799, the letterforms of Didot exhibit a unique combination of thin curves with thick lines. This particular font is quite popular in the world of fashion, as it comes with different weights that can make the letters look more prominent.

28. Chelsea

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Chelsea is actually the sans-serif version of an older font called London. Hence, the basic structure of it remains unchanged. However, in terms of overall design, it is a lot more legible and understandable than its predecessor. It also features four different styles. So, with it, you can customise the logo design as you want.

29. Trocchi


Although Trocchi first came to life in the year of 2012, it took its inspirations from some of the best late 1800s’ designs. This slab-serif typeface comes with a simple and casual design, which is perfect for both logos and texts.

30. Sanchez

Logo & business card

Sanchez is a Latino-type font, which comes with 12 different styles and features a round-edge outlook. Due to this reason, most logo designers consider this slab-serif to be the best typeface for the alcohol and fast food manufacturing brands’ logo.

31. Belinda


Belinda is a simple yet versatile font, which is most ideal for commercial usage. It supports almost 64 different languages and comes with a perfectly-adjustable kerning, which makes it look sophisticated from almost every surface.

32. Shink


Looking to add a playful feel to your logo design? Then, the Shink typeface can be your best buddy. Its flourishing design and authentic weights make it perfect for the logos of an alcohol or fashion brand.

33. Hoodson Script


Exhibiting a marvellous retro design, Hoodson Script boasts subtle swashes and curves, which makes it ideal for both logos and poster designs. Furthermore, there are also a few different types of weight available in the font that can help you to customise it perfectly.

34. Calluna


Calluna is clear, crisp, and can help you to produce a logo that has an eye-catching flow in it. It comes with 8 different styles and features exquisitely-designed directive strokes that are evident at the top-right corner if the glyphs.

35. Baskerville


Believe it or not, the Baskerville font was first created to write brand names on the metallic objects. However, due to its bold and prominent structure, many publishers started to use for the book title. Nowadays, a lot of people also use for designing commercial logos.

36. Sassoon

Logo & business card

Designed by Rosemary Sassoon, the Sassoon font was, at first, mainly being used in the children’s books. However, because of its unique swoops and curls, many logo designers started to use it for their cause. Nowadays, it is still quite popular and has been employed for making the logos of various famous brands.

37. Proxima Nova

A revamped variant of Proxima Sans, Proxima Nova comes with 48 different fonts and features a wide range of styles and weights. You can find the usage of this typeface in the logos of several media giants, such as NBC News and Buzzfeed.

38. Horizon

Logo & business card

Mainly known for its avant-garde vibe, the Horizon font comes with sharp curves and jagged angles, which makes it quite unprecedented. It is also available in four different styles, which are – light, light italic, bold, and medium.

39. Avenir

Business card design

Like Futura, Avenir, too, follows a geometric pattern, which makes it look both unique and beautiful at the same time. Furthermore, it also features a wide range of features, weights, and widths. Due to its minimalistic design, it is mostly used in geographical branding.

40. Belgrano


Belgrano, another Latino-type font, comes with block-looking serifs and an even-amount of spacing. The letterforms of the font are somewhat small and simple. So, it would be better for you if you use them for commercial purposes.

So, these are a few of the most popular types of fonts that every designer needs to know about.

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