As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, the governments of almost all the countries have announced a complete lockdown. While it is actually quite crucial for saving the lives of humankind, but it is also affecting the financial strength of many people. However, thanks to the internet, there are several ways that can help you to make some hard cash during these dire times. Furthermore, these tips are also quite safe as you do not have to come in contact with anyone from outside. So, without any further ado, let us start with our ventures into these simple yet potentially most-effective ways of making money.   

1.Freelance Web Designing 

  While most of the physical stores are currently closed, the online marketplaces are still open. Hence, to do all the shopping and buying essentials, people are opting for them. So, you can say that the online marketing culture is on the rise.  Due to this reason, many people, these days, are opening an online website and selling their products from there. However, just opening a store is not enough. Besides offering high-quality goods, the retailer would also have to keep the aesthetics in mind. Hence, the popularity of the web designers has, all of a sudden, increased even more among the online store owners. So, if you have knowledge in this aspect and are thinking about earning some quick cash online, then you can start the job of a freelance web designer.  There are a lot that you would have to do as a web designer, such as logo design, making the web page look awesome, etc. Hence, as you can understand, this way, you would be able to make a lot of money out of it.  Furthermore, if you can boost your abilities and experience in the aspects of web designviva, then you might also be able to make a career out of it. So, if you have interests in designing a website, then make sure to keep this option in mind.   

2.Opt for the Survey Websites 

  If you do some research on the web, then you will come across several survey website. These websites are filled with some common consumer questions, which you would have to answer. These surveys are generally operated by various companies for market research purposes. So, if you can answer these questions, then you will get a small amount of cash as a reward. Do not fret by seeing the word ‘small’. There are thousands of such websites out there with millions of surveys to be answered.   Hence, if you start answering them on a regular basis, then you will be able to earn quite a hefty amount of money within the first week. 

3. Start Your Own Blog

  Do you love putting down your own thoughts into a piece of paper? Then, why not do it on the web? Yes, we are talking about starting your own blog. Pick up any niche topics, such as fashion, travel, or foods, whatever you like and start writing catchy topics.  During this dire situation, almost everyone is looking for a peaceful escape. Some do it by playing games whereas others do it by reading. So, you can both indulge in your hobby and entertain readers from all around the world. If you are quite updated about COVID-19, then you can also start writing on it.  Like web designviva, blogging is yet another occupation that can help you to become famous within a short amount of time. Furthermore, if you do get a lot of visitors, then you might also be able to start earning digitally. 

4.Sell Your Old Unused Things Online 

  If you do search around your home a little bit thoroughly, then you might be able to find a lot of things that you do not use anymore. It can be your older shirts and pants or a mobile phone, which you have left behind after buying a new one. Furthermore, while searching, you might also find some valuable stuff that you do not need anymore. So, once you have found them, then all you would have to do is to gather them in a place and start selling them online.  Even though it is not productive like web or logo design, but it can definitely help you to earn some cash right away. For selling purposes, you can opt for the websites like eBay, Gumtree, or Facebook Marketplace, whatever you like.  You will be surprised to see how quickly all your junks have been sold off. 

5.Freelance Content Writing

  If you do not want to start your own blog or opt for web designviva, then you can also start content writing. While like the other options, the freelance writers initially do not earn that much, but they can surely be a healthy start for you.  Once you have become somewhat adept at writing, then you can also ask your own charge before taking any work. However, starting as a freelancer can be quite difficult at first. If you are working for only one company, then you will not receive a consistent flow of work. Hence, when you get a little bit of grip on writing, make sure to opt for other companies who are looking for freelancers. It will surely help you in the finance department. 

6.Make Some Sponsored Posts 

  Do you have a hefty amount of followers on your social media accounts? Then, it is time for you to start making some sponsored posts. These are nothing but some promotional work. All you would have to do is to promote a company or brand’s product through a social media post or video. For this, you will get some money.  However, if you are just starting off, then approaching the larger companies can be somewhat challenging for you. So, make sure to start with the smaller ones and then start climbing to the top.  Nevertheless, before you start taking sponsorships, make sure that the products align with your interest. For example, if you love doing makeup, then opting for a brand that sells these products can be an excellent idea for you. 

7.Become a YouTuber

  If you have a certain hobby and are really good at it, then you can also start your own YouTube channel and post some videos doing your favourite things. For example, if you love playing games, then you can choose a popular one and start making videos on it.  At first, you probably would not get that many views. However, once you start attracting subscribers, the problem of viewership would vanish in the thin air. If done properly, making videos on YouTube can fetch you a lot more money than web designviva.  So, make sure to be completely dedicated to it. 

8. Podcasts Can be a Choice 

  Like YouTube, podcasts are yet another way that can help you to make a large audience and start earning digital money. Find out a niche, be it sports or music, and stick to it. At first, you may not be able to gather that much audience. However, as you gradually start acquiring listeners, you might also be able to gather many advertisers.  Conclusion  So, these are a few of the exciting ways that can help you to make some money or build your own empire on the internet.