A flawless website is key to increase the rate of conversion. But it's easier said than done, so to have a fully optimized website be it e-commerce or any other business is a tough nut to crack. To get your business online is the need of the hour and a website is one of the best ways to generate organic customer traffic and also to brief them about the products and business aim skillfully and efficiently. And for an e-commerce business, a website is everything. But just creating a website is not enough, you also need to make sure to offer a user-friendly shopping experience to your clients to give them one more reason to visit your website, do business with you and also to bag their trust.

To create a fully optimized e-commerce website one should take care of a few important elements which are enlisted below-


To have a minimalistic website is more in demand and is appealing as well as compared to complex websites, and for the conversion of your e-commerce website traffic in future, one should prefer keeping it simple and sorted. Try to the point informative content and avoid using unnecessary information. The call to action should be clearly defined along with a simple design that helps to give the website a professional and minimalistic feel.


It's very important to have your website as intuitive as possible, as the navigation needs to be simple and sorted so that the users easily find exactly what they are looking for and for this, the site map needs to be self-explanatory. Intuitive design and simple navigation make the user experience more engaging. Let not your visitor get confused about how to get from point A to B, and to raise any query against your web navigation.


Well according to recent market research it is being discovered that using relevant images in the website along with proper information increases conversion rate by over 40%. And for e-commerce this fact is true indeed as no one will buy a product without checking out the images, and to sell your product you should feature high quality proper images of the product from different angles so as to give your client a better view and understanding of the product they are willing to buy and will be confident enough about their purchase.


One needs to make sure that their e-website is capable enough to connect with the audience or not, and for that one need to think like your target audience while creating the website. A perfect site according to potential audience includes- Easy to navigate, Optimised, making their shopping process easy and hassle-free. So it would be wise enough to put yourself in the visitor's shoe to get an idea of which theme to choose? Or how to make the website more organized, professional and simple? This would help you and your business to be a part of the long run and also bag some more conversions.


People always prefer buying branded products, if your name is known enough and is easily recognized by everyone in the market then there is a higher chance of client conversion. So one should better make a proper and influential branding strategy to make sure that your products are globally recognized. Good branding is the key to build customer trust and a great way to bag some sales on your e-commerce website. Make sure to define your brand aptly while branding. Focusing on On-Page SEO can be considered to be a good branding strategy.


While creating an e-commerce website make sure to use colors and fonts wisely. These are one of the most important elements of a website, you need to make sure that the fonts and colors that are being used do compliment your brand and your products. An e-commerce website along with being informative needs to be visually appealing as well. And color and font that get along with the brand's ethos and also is lite enough to make the site responsive are best and perfect.


Almost around 60% of the public go through the review section and read the feedback given by the customers before purchasing any product. It shows the professional side of your brand and also works best in terms of building trusts. You can use this trick of reviews and ratings for your benefit by including review section and few reviews in your site. You can use product-specific reviews & ratings given under each specific products or you can dedicate a complete section for the same as well.


Once you make sure that other pages are settled and is built according to the convenience of your customer, the final step is to create a simple and easy checkout option. People hate cluttered things and prefer handy things. To offer them a happening shopping experience and a reason to visit again, make sure your website pages and all the elements of your e-commerce website are synced properly to give your client a hassle-free great purchase experience.


Well, designing an e-commerce website is a tough and tricky job but as now you have the best web designing tips for e-commerce and have sufficient idea and knowledge about designing a website that isn't just appealing to the eye but also is efficient enough to bring organic conversion.
Go ahead and get your e-commerce business sorted now with these pro tips.

By Priyanka on Oct 15, 2019

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