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The CUSTOMER PAYMENT is the price selected by the Client when the Client initiates a Design Contest as set forth by DESIGNVIVA, invoiced price of the Sold Design issued via Project Service by Designer to Customer.

Refund or Money Return Policy 

DesignViva will be making refunds of any customer payment through the same payment method that they used to make the payment to DesignViva or via any other method specified by DesignViva. In case of any extra credit card back charges while refunding to any customer occur then -

  1. The designer will be liable to reimburse DesignViva the applicable designer fee (It will be first paid to any DesignViva credits held by the Designer and any other remaining debt is payable by the designer to DesignViva on demand), 


  1. Customers will initially receive the amount that they had paid for the design, without the designer fee, and once DesignViva receive the reimbursed Designer Fee by the designer, they will refund it back to the customer only if – 1) The sold design is defective 2) DesignViva considers that it is required in terms of law to do the same 3) DesignViva determines that the refund issued to the customer will further avoid any unnecessary dispute or any other increased costs to DesginViva 4) DesignViva does make the refund to the customer in accordance with their refund policy by DesignViva periodically 5) The order placed or the request made by the customer violates any legal terms or found fraudulent 6) Order placed or the request made by the customer turns out to be duplicate or have some error. 



  1. A sold design will be considered to be “Defective” only when 1) Customer and the designer agree to the same and does notify DesignViva about the same 2) the Sold Design is subject to a third party claim that the Sold Design infringes/misappropriates such party’s IPR, that is not frivolous.


  1. No refund will be initiated if the customer has already given a 4-5 star rating and has already approved the design, and does raise a dispute without any valid reason or no prior communication with the DesignViva team.