The Ultimate Guide: How to Launch a Contest on Designviva

The Ultimate Guide: How to Launch a Contest on Designviva

If you're looking to harness the creativity of talented designers from around the world, launching a design contest on Designviva can be an excellent way to achieve stunning results for your project. Designviva is a popular online platform that connects businesses and individuals with a community of skilled designers who compete to create the best design for your specific needs. Whether you need a new logo, website design, packaging, or any other graphic design work, conducting a contest on Designviva can help you find the perfect design that aligns with your vision. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you successfully launch and manage your contest on Designviva:

1. Define Your Design Brief

A clear and detailed design brief is the foundation of a successful contest. Spend time crafting a comprehensive brief that outlines your project's requirements, objectives, and target audience. Be as specific as possible about the style, colors, and any other preferences you have in mind. Provide examples or references to help designers understand your aesthetic preferences better.

2. Choose the Right Contest Type

Designviva offers different contest types to suit various design needs. The most common contest types include:

a. Logo Design Contest:

Ideal for creating or revamping a logo for your brand, product, or business.

b. Web Design Contest:

Perfect for designing a website or landing page with a specific look and feel.

c. Packaging Design Contest:

Useful for product packaging or label designs.

d. Print Design Contest:

For materials like business cards, flyers, brochures, etc.

Selecting the right contest type ensures that your project is seen by designers who specialize in the specific area you require.

3. Set a Realistic Prize

The prize you offer plays a significant role in attracting high-quality designers to your contest. While you don't want to undercompensate, you should also set a prize that aligns with your budget and the complexity of the project. Offering a competitive prize motivates designers to put in their best effort, resulting in better design submissions.

4. Launch and Promote Your Contest

Once you've created your contest, it's time to launch it on Designviva. Ensure that you use an attention-grabbing title and a concise description to entice designers to participate. Share any unique selling points of your project that could make it stand out from other contests.

Additionally, you can leverage social media, email marketing, and other online platforms to promote your contest. The more exposure your contest gets, the higher the chances of attracting top-tier designers.

5. Engage with Designers and Provide Feedback

During the contest, actively engage with participating designers. Encourage them with positive feedback on their submissions and provide constructive criticism if needed. This interaction not only motivates designers but also helps them refine their designs based on your preferences.

6. Extend the Contest if Necessary

If you're not receiving enough design entries or aren't satisfied with the current submissions, consider extending the contest. This gives more time for designers to participate and can lead to a wider range of design options for you to choose from.

7. Finalize the Design and Select a Winner

Once the contest period ends, you'll have access to all the submitted designs. Take your time to review each entry and compare them against your design brief. Identify designs that best align with your vision and shortlist potential winners.

If you're having difficulty choosing a winner, you can also conduct a poll to gather feedback from friends, colleagues, or even potential customers. Once you've made your decision, select the winning design and award the prize to the winning designer.

8. Work with the Designer to Refine the Design (if necessary)

After selecting the winning design, you'll have the opportunity to work with the designer to make any final tweaks or adjustments. This collaborative process ensures that the design meets your exact requirements and sets you up for a successful final delivery.

9. Complete the Handover Process

Once you're satisfied with the design, the final step is to complete the handover process. The winning designer will provide you with all the necessary files and assets, including the source files and any relevant formats you might need for different applications.


Launching a contest on Designviva is an exciting way to tap into a pool of talented designers and find the perfect creative solution for your project. By following these steps and actively engaging with designers throughout the process, you can ensure that your contest attracts top-tier talent and results in a design that exceeds your expectations. Embrace the collaborative nature of the platform, and you'll discover the power of crowdsourced design to elevate your brand or project to new heights.

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