Scratching your head on how to design a logo that would be both unique and original, distinctive yet memorable, professional yet won't make a serious dent in your bank account. We have all been there at one point of time when in the process of creating our unique brand identity have had spent sleepless nights in awakening our creative side so we could create a creative logo design that would represent our motivations most accurately.
But it's so difficult, I am just not creative enough If only there was a way to make it as easy as scrolling smartphone gallery. If you are one of them who comes up with these excuses when it comes to graphic logo designing, then fear not, your days of worries are going to be left far behind, we bring good news, software developers have transformed what used to be a designers domain into a user-friendly platform. Now entrepreneurs can create expressive logos from the comfort of their home on their smartphones in just a few convenient clicks. These app designs promise to deliver customized designing solutions to eager enthusiastic clients looking for a creative solution in creating a signature brand element without adding on to the increasing infrastructure capital investments.


But there are scores of such apps how good are they, are they truly free, are they convenient, do they allow space for editing and fine-tuning, if these are the questions that are currently going through your mind, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to be elaborating upon eight such logo design apps that allow entrepreneurs to develop their own logos conveniently at a fraction of a price.

01.LogoScopic Studio
Developer: RoadRocks.LLC
Rating: 4.7 based on 21,774 reviews
Platform: IOS, available in all Apple devices
Category: Technological/Utilities
Price: Free

LogoScopic Studio

Too small, too simple, too distracting, not sophisticated enough, its good but it's just not there, entrepreneurs turned logo artist who cannot afford the opulence of professional logo designers often end up asking their artworks the above questions. If we are to believe, RoadLocks corporation, then they say that their personalised creative Logo designer, LogiScope Logo, is a one-stop solution to every logo design related issues. Created on the IOS platform, which means that you need to have an apple device to gain access to the app, the app is truly a delightful treat for beginners and amateurs alike. You can easily translate your visions into artistic expressions by utilising one of the 850,000 different customisable templates that the app offers without needing little to no prior expertise on Logo designing or architecture. However, on the flip side, the app is only free to download, and thus you would need to buy the templates before you can develop your Logo.

02.Logo Maker and Logo Creator
Developer: XLabz Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Rating: 4.9 based on 17,737 reviews
Platform: Android Platform
Category: Technology and Utilities
Price: Free

Logo Maker and Logo Creator
If LogisScope is the holy grail of apple operating system, then Logo Maker and Logo Creator from Xlabz technologies can be crowned as the holy trinity of the androids. When it comes to developing creative logo designs, logo maker and logo creator provide customized solutions like no one else. Completely free to use, user can either design their own logos from scratch or choose from more than a hundred customisable designs. But if you were to follow our advice then start by developing on the suggested grayscale template available in the accessible section. Although you can also definitely use the rich colourful templates from the app library if you would want to however most of them are locked and therefore are only accessible if you were to pay for them. Typically the app requires you to pay a nominal fee following which you can start customising your logo from thousands of pre-constructed logo template which further can also be edited and fine-tuned, their background colours and fonts changed using the editor tool that comes preloaded with the app. With regards to aesthetics, the app provides basic colour palettes, there is nothing phenomenal or groundbreaking about it, however, the editor tool makes up for what is lacking in the colour palette. The editor is attractively fun to play with but also very conveniently which is definitely something that is expected of any smartphone app design.

03.Logopit Plus
Developer: Logopit
Rating: 4.6
Platform: Android
Category: Technology
Price: Free

Logopit Plus

When it comes to creative logo designs in LogoPit Plus the horizon seems to be the only limit. Be it a simple logo for an event, a sports academy or an aristocratic logo for your perfume line up or fine dining restaurant, if you have a vision, it is highly likely LogoPit Plus has something for you too. Like most of the apps in the list, LogoPit Plus also offers dual functionality to the users to either choose from their pre-developed templates or construct their templates from step ‘numero uno’ on a blank template. The clean, subtle platter is definitely the highlight of this app, the logo fonts although limited are surprisingly balanced and aesthetically beautiful without being too loud, morose, busy or distracting. Moreover, the user interface is also relatively simple and convenient which is actually in contrast with the others in the same category. As such, novices and entrepreneurs, especially those who are hoping to start in the retail industry can definitely gain much impetus from working with the app.

04.Icona Logo Maker
Developer: RoadRocks LLC
Rating: 3.9
Platform: IOS, compatible with Apple devices
Category: Utilities and Tools
Price: US$ 1.99

Icona Logo Maker - Logo Design Service
Icona Logo Maker is RoadRocks most recent gift to the world of graphic designing and logo making. Coming from the makers of LogisScope and 67, Icona Logo Maker design app is Uncluttered, simple and elegant and is definitely one of the best logo making apps present on the internet. At a nominal fee of fewer than two dollars, budding entrepreneurs can exercise the freedom to design their brand image in more than two hundred premium fonts, colours or choose from millions of pre-loaded professionally designed fonts available from the ICONA gallery. The app also happens to provide one of the most user-friendly seamless working benches that makes logo designing not only a simple task but also thoroughly enjoyable. In terms of logo quality, ICONA logo maker definitely has an edge over the others, the logos came out crisp, pristine and professional looking.

Developer: Happy Media
Rating: 4.5
Platform: Android
Category: Technology
Price: Free

Logo Design Service
Contemporary and modern, Makr logo design services app is for those who are looking to infuse in their brand identity or logo with an urban essence. Logo Makr's simple yet functional graphical interface is delightful to navigate and the categories are both apt and confidently inclusive which will thus accommodate almost all of your visual demands. In the initial phase, akin to other similar apps they provide the users predefined categories to choose from, namely, "Business, Wedding, Campus, monograms, gifts, charity, fun and local" or alternatively develop their own style on a blank template. Further, the users can utilise the advanced editing options to play with the logo background, fonts, images to create a distinct and original logo one that is well balanced and gives an illusion of being professionally designed.

06.Hatchful Logo Maker
Developer: Shopify
Rating: 4.2
Platform: Android
Category: Technology
Price: Free

The name Hatchful logo makes has been in direct link with logo design services for millennials. Developed in 2018 this app conceals many perks which will put anyone mind over the creative edge. The prospect of designing customisable and suited creative logo design is too much of a prospect to pass on. The application has been made available for free. Some features and templates can not be accessed without a premium pass. The mention and the inclusion of this app are inspired by the freedom of creativity which the app provides to the uses and its intuitive attitude towards logo design services. The utility tools are easy to navigate. The results are stunning .png or jpg files which can catch anyone's attention.

07.Ucraft Logo Maker
Developer: Ucraft
Rating: 4.7
Platform: Android, IOS and iPhone
Category: Technology
Price: 10 USD for premium pass

Ucraft Logo Maker

Ucraft logo maker is an essential application that thrives on landing free page creation, online stores to serve customers, and a blogging feature. Professionals are bound to flourish through its integrated approach template designing, setting logos and inspiring creativity. Supported by Android and IOS platforms the prices range is in between $10 and $60. The logo design service is available online and can be accessed from everywhere.

08.DesignMantic Logo Maker
Developer: Hummingbird International LLC
Rating: 3.4 on 6289 reviews
Platform: Android
Category: Business
Price: Free

DesignMantic Logo Maker


If you are convinced that you are nothing short of Don Quixote when it comes to designing, then design mantic is just for you. The user-friendly graphical interface of the logo design service is a boon for beginners who can start creating their custom-designed logo from scratch in just three steps. Wondering how, let us guide you, the app designed by Hummingbird Corporation opens to a pop-up screen where you can type in your business title and vision, after which you are going to be directed to the gallery from wherein you can choose you perfect logo backdrop from more than a thousand designs. Not stopping there, the app will also allow you to customise your logo to your satisfaction following which the logo design can be easily downloaded in either .jpg or .png format.

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