12 Pro Tips for Creating Best T-Shirt Designs

12 Pro Tips for Creating Best T-Shirt Designs

If you do consider the current scenario, then you will find that the culture of creating T-shirt designing has become an art. Hence, if you are not careful and do not work properly, then you won’t be able to make something that can woo everyone. Moreover, the entrepreneurs, these days, have also started following the latest designs and trends.
So, if you do not stay up-to-date with it, then it will become almost impossible for you to come up with an exceptional T-shirt design. However, if you have just started your journey in the world of designing, then you probably can’t do anything by yourself.
Thus, to lend you a helping hand in this aspect, we will be talking about a few tips to hone your skills in a proper manner. As a spoiler, we will mention 12 different tips here. Hence, make sure to be patient and go through the whole thing as meticulously as possible.

Determine Your Concept


Why do you want to make a T-shirt? Do you want it to promote your new linings of products? Or, are you thinking about establishing your brand values through it? Yes, that’s right. Before delving into the intricate procedure of creating a brand new t-shirt​ design, you would, first, have to understand your niche.
If you want to preach about brand values, then you can include the motto of your company into the design. However, if you simply want to promote anything, then try to advertise it through the shirt’s overall outlook. In short, your approach would solely depend on your needs and requirements. So, it will be better for you to determine the same first.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

Who would wear your newly-made t-shirts? Who do you want to attract through these new offerings? If you want to opt for adults, then we would recommend you to go for a more minimalistic yet expressive design and coloring​. Conversely, in the case of the youths, it will be better for you to create something more vibrant and lively.
Besides the age factor, you would also have to keep the hobby of your target audience in mind. For example, if your clients are supposed to be music lovers, then you can make something musical instrument-oriented for them. On the other hand, for the food lovers, you can create a specific T-shirt DesignViva that goes well with their niche.
All-in-all, you will have to consider your design to be a marketing tool in this aspect and work in accordance with it.

Select a Proper T-Shirt Type

If you do follow the latest trends, then you probably are already aware of the different T-shirt variants that are available in the market. Each of them has their own niches and, thus, can be ideal for different types of audiences. For example, kids generally love to wear sleeveless items. On the other hand, the young-adults tend to opt for the short sleeves. Lastly, the adults are fonder of longer sleeves and a higher neck.
Due to this reason, you need to choose your audience first. Once you have selected your forte, then you can pick up the exact type that you need for your purpose. Moreover, while choosing, you will also have to keep the functionality of the shirt in mind as well. For example, if you do opt a for full sleeve design, then you will be able to print the logo design in that section as well. This, in turn, will make the shirt look quirkier and fashionable.

Acquire Better Fabric

Only making the T-shirts look good would not be helpful for your purpose. Besides, you will also have to try and make the wearer feel good while they are wearing it. But why does it really matter? Well, in all honesty, some people do put on eccentric-looking clothes for fashion purposes. However, most of them are not going to be like that. Besides so, they will also want to feel alive and comfortable while wearing it.
Due to this reason, you should always opt for the breathable fabric to make your clients feel comfy and content. The cotton material should be ideal in this aspect. They generally tend to be a lot lighter than other components. Hence, the wearer would feel breezy and a lot less sweaty with them. In addition, cotton-made shirts also are pretty easy to wash as well. So, besides making a creative T-shirt design, make sure to use a decent fabric as well.

Choose the Best Color Scheme

Are you thinking about using the traditional one-color format for all of your T-shirt Designviva? Well, it is a decent idea. However, if you do look at the recent trends, then you will find that this choice has become quite old-school to say the least. Hence, to make your product look catchier and charming, you would have to opt for a color scheme or use a combination of hues. Now, in a way, it can be quite tricky, especially if you are somewhat novice in this aspect.
So, let us share some of our ideas. While choosing the color scheme for the shirt, we would suggest you to opt for a bright-simple combination. For example, you can use the black shade on the product and put a huge white circle in the middle of it. This, in turn, will make the shirt perfect wearing with dark as well as light-colored pants. While you are making a wearable for a specific audience, you should always make it as versatile as possible to increase your sales.

Consider the Design Placement

So, you have used both excellent color schemes and breathable fabric to create your new T-shirt. However, you have messed up with its design. It was something that you had to put up in the center of the shirt. But, you ended up drawing it on the sleeves. Sounds like a nightmare, right? We bet it does! Hence, before you do print your new T-shirt design on the product, we would ask you to draw it first and check out how it actually looks.
Does it look better than you have actually imagined? Then, you will need to ask another person to review it. Honestly, the design of a shirt is, indeed, a sensitive manner. So, you will have to be as careful as possible with it. Anyways, as a rule of thumb, you can use the bigger and more intricate images on either the front or the backside. On the other hand, if you are thinking about designing something long and simplistic, then the sleeves should be its ideal location.

Select the Typography

Whether you do believe it or not, but typography is currently considered as the sleeping giant in the world of the t shirt design. If you can use the fonts in a proper manner, then the product will look a lot better than any design. However, if you do end up choosing the wrong ones, then it might be a disaster for you. Owing to this very reason, most people tend to ignore the potentiality of typography and move on with the traditional works.
The main secret of making a typography design popular lies in the color usage and the quote itself. For instance, if you are thinking about writing up a bold statement, then you can do so by using the red or maroon hue. It, in turn, will make the words more intimidating and powerful. On the other hand, if you are going for something inspirational, then it would be best for you to choose either white or grey.

What about the Printing Options?

Are you done with all the above-mentioned pointers? Then, now, it is your turn to look for the best printing options as well. Nonetheless, if you do look at the current market, then you are going to find a lot of options in this aspect. Hence, to help you out in this aspect, we have provided some of the best alternatives down below.

Heat Press: Do you want to print out only a few T-shirts? Then, heat press would be the most affordable option for you. It goes perfectly with the intricate designs as well. However, if you are doing something with a darker hue, then you will have to choose another option.

Dye Sublimation: An ideal alternative for the polyester fabrics, the Dye Sublimation printing can also make the T-shirt more durable as well. However, it might be a little bit expensive for you.
DTG: Like heat-press, DTG can, too, be a decent option for working with complex designs. However, unlike the former, it offers a soft and cozy feeling when you touch the shirt. Additionally, it does not create a thicker substance on the product as well.

Screen Printing: In essence, it is actually the most expensive option in the list. Hence, if you are considering launching a premium range of creative T-shirt design and options, then this one should be your go-to option. Nonetheless, it is not really a decent option for the mufti-color designs at all.

Look for a Capable Designer

Now, this step is only for the owners of an organization or entrepreneurs. If you are not really skilled in the department of design, then you should always hire a proper and capable designer. But how would you do so?

Well, you can either throw competition on a Designviva website or you may also handpick one all by yourself. However, the former choice seems to be more viable in this aspect. With it, you can go through thousands of different designs, which, in turn, may give you an idea about what you want for your purpose.

Find the Latest Designs

Once you have hired a decent designer, then you will have to sit down and talk with him about the latest trends in the world of
t-shirt design. However, it can be a tricky part to say the least. While searching for them, you will be able to find a lot of options out there.
But, you will have to choose the one that will stay in the market for a prolonged period. You may also ask your designer to do some research on the market and come up with a plan that can be beneficial for both of you. As he has been working in this field for quite some years, he will find the essentials faster than you will.

Tell Your Designer to Provide a Demo

After selecting the designing trend, then you will need to ask your designer to offer you a demo of the work. This, in turn, will help you in understanding if the design suits your envisage perfectly. To reduce your expenses a little bit, you can ask him to do an outline.
Yes, we do know that it is an extra expenditure for your cause. Nonetheless, it can avert the unknown issues beforehand. So, it is definitely worth it.

Evaluate Everything Properly

Last but not least, you would also have to check out your end-result as proficiently as possible. Make sure to look out for the designing errors, fabric indecencies, and comfort issues. Creating a new wearable can be a risky business.
If you do make errors, then your consumers are not going to forgive you. Thus, being careful and attentive in this aspect should be your first priority. Anyways, if you do think that the design and everything else seems perfect in the naked eyes, then you can move on with the creation.


If you want to succeed in the current market, then you just cannot stick with the traditional methods. You will have to be creative, unique, and idiosyncratic. The same goes for the aspects of T-shirt designing as well. So, make sure to follow all the latest trends as meticulously as possible and give your best in the field. Otherwise, it would be a lot difficult for you to acquire new clientele.

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