7 Cutting edge web design trends to follow in 2019

As the year change so does the trends. So with every New Year, new beginning all the designers look forward to the famous design trends that are going to top the list of that year and is considered to be an interesting topic around the design world.
SO, 2019 also have a lot for them as well and the trend is surely going to create a buzz and rock the market.

Being a web designer you must be well aware of the cutting edge web design trends.
All the designers this one is for you, we here have listed top 7 cutting edge web design trends that are going to rock this year-

1) Drop shadow and depth-

Drop shadow is not that new but is very popular and will still continue to be in the trending chart as it adds a lot of depth to your design. When three dimensions are not available, creating a depth becomes quite challenging. As the flat designs are quite regular and boring so just to make your design eye-grabbing and pop out in the crowd instantly the designers do need to do the trick, the illusion of depth is created by a technique known as drop shadows, it creates a faux shadow behind a design element. This false shadow is controlled via specific parameters to create various intensity and softness to brace a realistic shadow.

2) Mobile optimized site-

The whole world is in mobile. The buzz around smartphones is more than in real life. So all thanks to skilled smartphones the UI design has grown, as the designers were confused on how to merge so many menus all together onto a small screen. Mobile friendly sites have become the need of the hour. The rollout burger now has standards, hiding the menu to its screen icon until pressed. Though icons are way more efficient that concerns space and are meaningful so that an individual doesn’t have much trouble understanding them.

3) Big, Bold Typography-

Well, Typography is more than just those fancy words it helps – a) To build a trustworthy environment for the users & b) To make sure to perfectly convey the aim and message to the audience and to bag their attention and interest to know more about the products and services offered. Typography is a major element to attract the audience creating a lasting visual effect. As the device resolutions are currently becoming sharper and accessible to browse we, therefore, can expect a substantial rise in using pattern of fonts. Well, designers can be benefitted this year with web pages comprising impactful and substantial header made of a typeface.

4) Designs that Evoke and Portrays emotion-

These designs instead of just bluntly coming straight to the point and offering advice, try to elicit awareness of the firm, services and products and those organizations that they reflect at a method that is authentic. As soon as the users get connected with the emotions and are trapped on the website, they tend to spend more time there and visit more often. And it also adds value in search engine optimisations.
5) Attractive and Embeddable Infographics –

Well, over time visuals have become a major element of social platforms and this is especially true in the modern social media landscape. The best part is you can use it without spending much and also can experiment with it the way you like as there are lot many tools and options available in the market which can help you to do so. If the infographic is potent enough then you are off into hyperlink accession war.

6) Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)-

AMP is a system that is designed in a way to boost the loading rate of the pages on mobile devices that allows web pages to download within seconds. According to recent Google updates, it’s said that SEO ranking priority will be given to the sites which have the Accelerated Mobile Pages Configured. AMP helps to make the operation of Advertisements on Google Ad words become more powerful. It also can be used to raise and optimise mobile user’s traffic.

7) Keep a check on Voice Search Optimisation-

From the past few years, the Voice Search Optimisation is doing a great job and is quite famous as well. Brands are coming up with their very own voice search features. So optimising a website using Voice Search adds in productiveness for consumers. It is also time-saving and generate more organic user traffic and provide the audience with a user-friendly experience. Furthermore, this can generate lead as well. It brings authority to your website in the event your name has been cited enhancing the SEO ranking of the website as well.

So, an organisation should check out these trends and work on it so as it to give your customer more pleasing service experience. And for all the small business out there, now don’t need to make any compromises when it comes to providing a facility for your customers.

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